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Power Quality Solutions for the Broadcast Industry

When an instant of bad power can mean hours of lost revenue, you need an expert in power quality that understands the special needs of the broadcast industry.

Broadcasters have one source of expertise when it comes to power quality issues – Staco Energy Products Co.

We specialize in power protection for broadcast transmitters, studios, tech centers and mobile trucks

Voltage Regulators for Transmitters and Mobile Trucks

As the fastest growing supplier of voltage regulators to the broadcast transmitter and mobile truck markets, we bring a proven design that uses a motorized variable autotransformer, a regulating transformer, and a state-of-the-art microprocessor controller.

The major advantage of this design is the ability to withstand substantial current overloads for cycles of time. This results in a small footprint unit that will handle your transmitter crowbar or black picture current overloads without over-sizing.

FirstLine UPS for Transmitter Protection

The FirstLine PL/PLT UPS gives cost-effective protection from a wide range of power quality anomalies, while providing back-up power protection.

It is designed for use in broadcast transmitters, to protect them from damage by poor power quality.

It saves money by extending the life of the equipment and keeps operations up and running through unstable power situations.

Studio Protection

As studios and tech centers become more IT-oriented, power protection becomes a huge issue. Staco Energy Products Co. has the know-how and experience with the products and services that broadcasters need, whether it be a facility wide UPS system or protection for just one piece of equipment.

The Staco series is a single-phase, online UPS system that protects against all power quality problems, including blackouts.

It is designed to overcome the shortcomings of other UPS technologies. This UPS generates clean power specifically designed for today’s power loads.

The feature–rich Staco series is available in a tower or rack-mount unit for installation flexibility. It has hot-swappable batteries, and an advanced battery management system that can extend the life of the batteries two to three years longer than other technologies.


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