Voltage Fluctuations


Problem:  The quality of today's electrical power has become a major operating concern, especially for newer, high-tech equipment.

Filters, surge suppressors and isolation transformers can solve many electrical problems. However, each sacrifices benefits if applied as a stand-alone solution.

Solution:  When surge suppressors and isolation transformers are combined with a voltage regulator, such as one of our series of power line conditioners, the results provide an ideal solution to these power quality problems.

Our voltage regulators maintain a constant output voltage within ±1% or better, regardless of input voltage variations from +10% to-20% of the nominal input value in standard models.

They are also designed and rated to meet standard industry kVA ratings for maximum application compatibility with both new and existing installations.

Their performance is guaranteed under all power factor conditions. It doesn't matter if the connected load is capacitive, resistive or inductive.

Staco Energy Products Co.'s voltage regulators are designed with maximum safety, ease of installation and efficiency in mind. Each model features a modular design, front accessibility and an enclosed, indoor, ventilated, drip-proof enclosure.

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